Understanding the 2 Different Kinds of Belly Fat

When it comes to belly fat, you may be surprised to know that not all fat is the same. Now when we say belly fat, we’re referring to the fat that sits around the abdomen. And there are two main types to know about – subcutaneous and visceral. We’ve summarised the two different kinds of belly fat below, so read on.

Subcutaneous belly fat

Subcutaneous belly fat is the name given to the fat that sits underneath the abdomen skin. It’s the belly fat that you see, and the one that you can jiggle. Essentially, if you can see the fat and are able to pinch it, then it’s the subcutaneous type. Subcutaneous belly fat can accumulate for a number reasons including:

  • Your energy input outweighs your energy output
  • You have only a small amount of muscle mass
  • Your exercise levels are low

While experts say that subcutaneous fat is not overly harmful, you still will probably want to get rid of it. Also, it can be a sign of visceral fat, and visceral fat is the one that you want to keep a watch out for.

Visceral belly fat

Visceral belly fat refers to the fat which is stored around our organs inside our stomach. It is the deadliest kind of body fat and can lead to more heart attacks and fatalities than obesity itself.

Excessive visceral belly fat is the cause of central obesity. Other names for this kind of belly fat include:

  • Abdominal obesity
  • Beer belly
  • Pot belly

What makes it so dangerous are the substances that are released from the fat. These substances can leach into blood which travels directly to the liver. End results can be higher levels of the bad cholesterol, lower levels of the good cholesterol, and a resistance to insulin which can lead to diabetes.

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