Top 7 Reasons to Use a Safe and Natural Handwash

Top 7 Reasons to Use a Safe and Natural Handwash

How often do you wash your hands these days? And how has that number changed from in the past? Recently, everyone has been reminded of how important it is to wash your hands regularly. And it’s equally important to think about what you’re using to wash your hands.

There are a lot of hand washing products out there and you probably haven’t thought too much about what’s in them. But it’s time to change that for your health and the health of everyone in your family. To help you take this small step to live clean, here are the top 6 reasons to use a safe and natural handwash.

1. Natural handwashes work just as well

Think that that antibacterial handwash will remove all the harmful bacteria from your hands? Well, it turns out that this may not be the case.

There have been numerous independent studies that compare antibacterial washes with soap and water. And the end result? There’s no evidence that antibacterial washes are any more effective against viruses and bacteria than normal soap and water.

So, the next time you’re debating between a natural handwash and one that’s antibacterial, think carefully about which one is best for you and your family and live clean in every way possible.

2. Better for the environment

When you wash your hands, the product you wash with goes down the drain. You might think that this is normal and safe. After all, the water that goes down the drain is treated, right?

However, studies have shown that small quantities of antibacterial chemicals can remain in wastewater after treatment. This is why small quantities of these products are often found in bodies of water. And unfortunately, it doesn’t stop there.

Many antibacterial chemicals are fat soluble, which means they can build up in fatty tissues. Evidence of this has already been found in bottlenose dolphins off South Carolina. These animals were found to have alarmingly high levels of triclosan, an antibacterial chemical used in Australia.

3. Protect your health

Antibacterial washes may promise to remove most harmful substances from your hands, but they may be doing something more sinister to your body as well.

The chemicals in these handwashes are harsh and can even be toxic. There is also serious concern in the medical establishment that they could build up in your system over time and cause long-term health problems.

For example, many of these products contain triclosan, one of the most common ingredients in antibacterial handwash products. This substance is chemically similar to thyroid hormones, so it’s been shown to interfere with the regulation of this hormone.

In some studies, this chemical also interferes with muscle contractions in human cells. These are serious potential health problems and very good reasons to live clean.

4. Fewer side effects

The harsh chemicals in handwash products can cause skin irritation and allergies. They can also strip your skin of its natural moisture, leaving it dry and scaly and more likely to split or crack.

Natural hand wash products understand that your skin is your body’s most important defence against viruses, bacteria, and other pathogens. When your skin is fragile or broken, that’s when bacteria can enter the body and cause problems.

When you live clean, these problems are less likely because natural products protect and improve the integrity of your skin by adding and helping to retain moisture.

5. Super bugs

The modern world may be on the verge of a major health crisis because of the overuse of antibiotics. This has created strains of so-called superbugs, bacteria that have mutated to survive antibiotic exposure.

The bacteria that have muted in this way can then run rampant through the body or through a population. And the resulting infections can be very difficult to control and treat.  In fact, the World Health Organization claims that, “Antibiotic resistance is one of the biggest threats to global health, food security, and development today.”

There is some evidence that antibacterial washes may contribute to this problem. Studies have shown that the antibacterial products can encourage the growth of resistant bacteria in natural environments. This is a conclusion that has very troubling implications for modern health and medicine and the best reason to live clean.

6. Your body needs bacteria

There’s an unspoken goal in antibacterial soaps, that is to remove all traces of bacteria. But the truth is that your skin and your entire body needs bacteria.

If you did manage to remove all the bacteria from your body, you would die very quickly. And this task would be impossibly huge anyway, because there is more bacteria cells than human cells in your body. Having bacteria on your skin is normal and healthy, and it’s just incorrect and irresponsible to say otherwise.

Reducing the number of bacteria on your body may have other health consequences too. Have you noticed how many children are allergic to peanuts and other common substances these days? Well, many scientists now think that this is because of their reduced exposure to bacteria. That’s right, all these antibacterial products that people are using in their home and on their body may be causing lifelong and potentially life-threatening health problems.

This is known as the hygiene hypothesis, and it claims that exposure to bacteria is essential during childhood for the development of a healthy immune system. According to this hypothesis, without this exposure to varied bacteria, the immune system may not develop correctly, resulting in problems like allergies and asthma.  

7. Whole family health

Making the effort to live clean by using natural handwash products is just safer for your whole family. It removes one source of harsh chemicals from your house, reducing the risk of:

  • Skin irritation
  • Asthma and other respiratory problems
  • Chemical poisoning
  • Allergic reactions

This is particularly important if you have small children in your house. Obviously, you want to lock up everything that could be dangerous while they’re young, but it’s always nice to know that the natural products you use would do far less damage if they were swallowed by your curious kids!

The Takeaway

Making changes that benefit your health and the health of your family can be difficult. But not all changes need to be so complicated.

Choosing to use a safe, natural hand wash is just one tiny step. But it’s an important one in your efforts to live clean for your sake and for the sake of the planet.

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