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At Total Body Reboot, we understand that everyone is unique, so we have created a range of diets to suit all life stages and fitness goals. Our diet programs have been specially developed to reboot your system, maintain optimal gut health, support hormone balance and increase energy.

Do you have an important event coming up such as a wedding, birthday, or a divorce? Our most popular diet, The Quick Weight Loss Diet, allows for long lasting, fast and effective results, via our easy to use three step program. 

Perhaps you are seeking to develop a healthy lifestyle through diet? We provide healthy, lifestyle and gym diets providing the support and education you need to reach your health goals. 

Are you a mother or prospective mother? Parenting is challenging, however maintaining a nutritious diet doesn’t need to be! Our Fertility Diet, Pregnancy Diet, Breastfeeding Diet, and Yummy Mummy Diet provide the support you need to make healthy eating easier. 

We are inspired by our clients who have changed their lives and regained their confidence through our programs. Find your perfect diet below and start your weight loss journey today. You deserve it!

Immune Boosting Diet

Quick Weight Loss Diet

Indian Quick Weight Loss Diet

Healthy Diet

Lifestyle Diet

Gym Diet

Fertility Diet

Pregnancy Diet

Breastfeeding Diet

Yummy Mummy Diet


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