Pregnancy Diet

Pregnancy Diet For You & Your Baby

Are you planning to do the best for your unborn baby and unsure where to start – perhaps feeling a bit nervous about the prospect of gaining a lot of weight; then this program and plan may solve those concerns.


We have designed everything with pregnancy nutrition in mind so that the weight gain you will experience is necessary and healthy for you and your baby.


To participate in the Pregnancy Diet, we require your General Practitioner’s medical certificate sign off.


Pregnancy Weight Gain

Maintaining a healthy level of weight gain throughout each trimester will make returning to your pre-pregnancy body much easier.  By providing tools to monitor and control your pregnancy weight, our diet plan and nutrition for pregnant women will also ensure nutritional support by way of vitamins high in folic acid, iron, calcium, vitamins C and D, as well as magnesium, which may help with leg cramps during pregnancy.

For example, you will be given access to exclusive member materials, including a BMR calculator to help you work out your weight goal and suggested daily calorie intake, and a BMI calculator to work out your body mass index.  Our calorie calculator will assist you with controlling your weight gain during pregnancy, and also give you recommendations on healthy weight gain during pregnancy, which will be affected by factors such as;


  • Your weight before you fell pregnant – e.g. if you were under-weight you may need to gain a bit more, or if overweight you may need to gain slightly less.
  • Whether you are expecting twins.
  • Whether you are experience morning sickness.


Aside from being provided with a wealth of information, there is access to a private support group on Facebook where you can celebrate your successes and share knowledge with other members, as well as weekly check-ins with your dedicated coach to keep you accountable.


Pregnancy Foods

You will also be provided with comprehensive lists of ideal pregnancy foods, including those rich in iron along with recommendations of healthy meals and recipe suggestions to help keep you feeling great.  This nutritional support is designed to assist the overall health and wellbeing of both mother and baby.  There are easy to print off shopping and food lists which we suggest you keep up on your fridge, so you always know what foods are best to eat.


Foods to Avoid When Pregnant

It’s important to educate yourself about food safety at this special time and about how to avoid toxins in your home, for this can only enhance the overall wellbeing of you and your family.

It is just as important to be aware which foods to avoid when pregnant.  For example, ensure that you wash your fruit and vegetables thoroughly and don’t consume any raw or undercooked fish (avoid big fish due to containing mercury) and processed meats plus soft or mould cheeses.

Your Mentor can help with suggestions and guidelines to follow.

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How the Total Body Reboot Programs Work

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Your Members Only access gives you:

  • How to follow the program
  • The functions and features of your program
  • Easy-to-print food and shopping lists
  • Meal plans and menu planners
  • Over 550 recipes geared around our healthy menus and food lists
  • BMI calculators, calorie calculators and much more!

Our support products help to:

  • Increased energy and vitality
  • Better sleep patterns
  • Flexibility and choice
  • Healing and repairing the gut (Digestion)

“Extremely pleased with the results of this weight loss program. After 16 weeks I have lost 25.5kg and 77cm which has resulted in dropping 2 jean sizes!”

The Pregnancy Diet Incorporates 2 Steps

Step 1 – Balance

The Balance Program usually lasts for 5 days and during this time you can expect an increase in your overall vitality and health.  If you have had a particularly poor diet (high in carbohydrates, sugar and gluten), then you may want to extend this to 7 days.  During this time, it is extremely important to follow the food list strictly with no calorie counting and to drink 3 litres of water daily.

Step 2 – Maintain  

This step is undertaken until you achieve your weight goal.  There are lots of easy to maintain healthy meal choices to ensure you keep the weight off – for life.


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