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If you have been trying to improve your health and fitness by losing weight, decreasing your body fat percentage or gaining muscle, then our healthy Gym Diet will prove to you that abs really are made in the kitchen.


If you are ready to start getting rewarded for your results, then our toning diet which incorporates delicious muscle meals complimented by nutritional support is the perfect solution for you.

The general rule for getting the best outcome requires a combination consisting of 80% diet and 20% exercise. We will show you how simple clean eating provides real results, through a winning combination of real food, including a diet meal plan for females (or alternatively a meal plan for men wanting to bulk up) and real nutritional support to increase your overall energy and wellbeing.


Two Step Program

Our Healthy Gym Diet incorporates an easy-to-follow two steps consisting of:


  • Step 1 –Balance:
    The Balance detox usually goes for a duration of 5 days, but if you have had a poor diet recently consisting of alcohol, carbohydrates, gluten and sugar, you may want to extend this to 7 days.


  • Step 2 – Gym Program:
    It is extremely important to strictly stick to your food list after completing the first step, as this is a low GI-eating plan which has been designed to eliminate certain food types which can either cause weight gain, poor internal health or weaken the immune system.


How to get a Toned Body

Are you looking to get ripped and find out how to lose weight and tone up fast?

Or have you been working out hard at the gym in order to bulk up, maintain or get lean?

Our tried and tested tools will help keep you on track and monitor your results accurately. These include a BMR Calculator to work out your recommended daily calorie intake, a BMI calculator to assess how far you currently are from your ideal weight, daily progress charts and a guide to taking accurate before and after photos. You will also be given extra accountability by checking in weekly with your coach, as well as access to a members’ only group on Facebook to share encouragement and celebrate your successes. Depending on your individual health requirements, you will be provided with recommendations for nutritional support during each stage of the program.


We will teach you how to get toned, which will ultimately require you to:

  • Build some amount of muscle and;
  • Lose enough fat so that the muscle you have (or will build) can actually be seen rather than covered by layers of fat.


Fat Loss Tips

Another advantage of being a member of our program is that you will get access to an online platform with a wealth of information including fat loss tips for healthy weight loss.

For example, we recommend only using half a teaspoon of olive or coconut oil for cooking your meals, however steaming remains the preferred cooking method for weight loss and good health.


Gym Meals

Our low-GI fat loss meal plan will provide you with a variety of recipes for delicious gym meals, including food and shopping lists to cover you for breakfasts, lunches, dinners and snacks to keep you satisfied.


Calorie Calculator

Another useful tool you will be provided with is a calorie calculator which is easy to use and keeps your accountable, so you know that everything you eat is within range. All you need to do is enter the grams of the food item from the list, and you will be given the calorie calculation based on the equation of the total calories and calories per gram.


Healthy Recipes for Toning and Shedding Weight

We are well aware that variety is the spice of life and that’s why we will provide you with a wonderful range of healthy recipes for toning and reducing, as well as delicious options you can change every day, for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

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How the Total Body Reboot Programs Work

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Your Members Only access gives you:

  • How to follow the program
  • The functions and features of your program
  • Easy-to-print food and shopping lists
  • Meal plans and menu planners
  • Over 550 recipes geared around our healthy menus and food lists
  • BMI calculators, calorie calculators and much more!

Our support products help to:

  • Quitting yo-yo dieting for good
  • Improving strength and stamina
  • Quicker recovery post workout
  • No more cravings and reduced appetite
  • Healing and repairing the gut
  • Renewed vigour and vitality

“Extremely pleased with the results of this weight loss program. After 16 weeks I have lost 25.5kg and 77cm which has resulted in dropping 2 jean sizes!”

The Gym Diet Incorporates 2 Steps

Step 1 – Balance

The Balance Program usually lasts for 5 days and during this time you can expect an increase in your overall vitality and health.  If you have had a particularly poor diet (high in carbohydrates, sugar and gluten), then you may want to extend this to 7 days.  During this time, it is extremely important to follow the food list strictly with no calorie counting and to drink 3 litres of water daily.

Step 2 – Weight Loss & Maintain

This step is undertaken until you achieve your weight goal.  There are lots of easy to maintain healthy meal choices to ensure you keep the weight off – for life.


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