My interest in health and fitness has always been present, I was fortunate enough to be employed in the field of Pathology and trained in Medical Laboratory Science in my early 20’s.  This opened my eyes very early to the effects of illness and the ongoing challenges faced through ill health.

“Lifestyle is everything when it comes to health”

About Me:

Today It is now my absolute pleasure to be part of the total body reboot team!  This program will help you make conscious food and lifestyle choices and the results are outstanding.

I have had my own health challenges and there have certainly been times when I just have not had the strength or motivation to change where I have been at in my life! trauma and stress have been incapacitating for me and a healthy diet and exercise were set to be a challenge,  that is of course until I experienced having a personal diet coach and this clean eating diet plan called TOTAL BODY REBOOT  “what a life saver!” I will be forever grateful.

It is now my intention to help others on their journey to move through and past their challenges whilst learning to make conscious health choices.


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