Throughout my life I’ve always been fit and healthy, ‘lived clean’, ate organically, exercised and generally did what I thought was the right thing by my body and felt empowered by it. I never really worried about my weight and was pretty happy with how I looked and felt.


Fast forward a few decades … while still doing the right things …  mostly …  those things began to slip a little to the wayside because focus on other things seemingly became more important.  Work replaced exercise and stress replaced enjoyment etc leading to a breakdown in all things as is incredibly common in our fast-paced lives today.


I began to feel like my body wasn’t me anymore.  My gut health was off and reflected in how I felt and did things.  I kept trying to get balanced but nothing really seemed to work consistently.


Then the worst thing happened for me.   I encountered a period of forced inactivity due to OA coupled with stress from my business 3 separate surgeries in 12 months and having to take numerous medications.  I found myself feeling heavier and uncomfortable and generally feeling worse than I ever had in my life.  As this happened to my body it spread out to my mind as well.  Not fun!!


When I first got to know Carmel, I thought she was around my age (58).  I was so astonished when she told me how old she was (70) She really is a living testimony to her program.  I said to her “What do you do that makes you look so good and have so much energy” …  in response she explained to me about her Total Body Reboot program.  I was so impressed that I said I’d just have to try it.  Which I did.   Within a week I was feeling lighter, cleaner and happier about myself.  I’ve felt more energised as the weeks have passed and even though I’m still limited with physical activity working the Reboot program with a little exercise fits it all together perfectly.


So apart from the weight loss, which just happened whilst following the Total Body Reboot program and without even thinking about it, I started feeling better about myself on the outside and also from the inside.  It is such a great feeling.   When your body feels clean and better your mind feels clearer and happier … and then you are really empowered … you’ve taken your life back and it’s good … really good.


Do you want to feel the joy…? Are you ready to love who you are … feel energised when you wake up in the morning … ready to take hold of the day …?  Total Body Reboot will help you do that and I want to be there when you feel it.  I’m excited to be able to help you feel amazing … which you will … really soon.


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