It was a partnership made in heaven when I joined with Carmel to support my midlife mothers’ weight loss journeys with the unique Total Body Reboot Programs.


It’s the combination of the wonderful diets with the amazing nutritional products, that makes for stunning results for my postpartum mothers.


As a model in a previous life, I was always very conscious of my diet!


And then, when I became a mother, I was obsessed with providing my children with the healthiest diet possible. Mr Heinze didn’t make any money out of me!


And now, it is incredibly rewarding to see the results that our mothers are getting from the Yummy Mummy Diet, the Breastfeeding Diet, the Lifestyle Diet and the Quick Weight Loss Diet.


The combination of bespoke diet programs, and safe yet powerful nutritional products, has proved to be an absolute winner!


And it makes all the difference in the world to me knowing that I have programs and products that I can completely trust to work for my mothers.


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