I was very fortunate to grow up in the country with parents who were very conscience of health, a fresh food diet and exercise. So, I naturally embraced natural and complimentary medicine.


Tennis, water skiing, ballroom dancing, a parachute jump, windsurfing and flying planes were all part of my activities and sports. I loved adventure! My working career was mainly spent teaching in country areas. In my 40’s, teaching aviation at a high school, I experienced prolonged stress, which ultimately cost me my health and my career. It was at this stage, I knew I had to take charge of my health.


My new health and wellbeing journey began and before long, people were asking me what I was doing. I realized that I could help other people to improve their health, as well. It now gives me great pleasure to see others turn their life around with health issues such as: – obesity, hormonal imbalance, infertility, anxiety, digestive, gut issues and children’s health.


A balanced and “Live Clean” lifestyle is important to me – using safe products, gardening, cooking healthy food, yoga, bowls and swimming. What I love most is guiding and supporting people to better health with a choice of our 8 programs that cater for everyone.



  • Balance Sugar Cravings
  • Boost Gut Health
  • Adopt a Sustainable Lifestyle Approach to Healthy Eating


As a bonus, we provide a FREE Healthy Diet Program plus personal guidance and support.


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Once you get the nutritional products, you will gain access to the full program for FREE without paying anything extra. We understand the importance of proper nourishment for success, take the first step towards a healthier you.


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